Typical Questions Answered

How much is Urbane Brokerage's broker fee?
Urbane Brokerage does not charge for information provided by the website nor do we charge for viewing of apartments or rental properties with through our brokers. Clients pay a broker's fee ONLY if they rent a property through Urbane Brokerage. If the property is a NO FEE apartment in which case you will not incur brokers fee.
  • Unfurnished apartments: With a 1-2 year lease, Urbane Brokerage usually charges 15% of annual rent.
  • Furnished/Short Term rental fees: Please call or email for our discount pricing.


When should a perspective renter begin an apartment or property rental search?
Potential renters should begin their search 4-6 weeks prior to an anticipated moving date. Apartments are not usually ready more than 6 weeks ahead of a lease starting date.

What are Rent Stabilized buildings and/or apartments?
Rent stabilized buildings and/or apartments are buildings whose rent is regulated by the City of New York and State of New York. Rent increases are only about 2-4% annually. Once a renter secures a rent stabilized apartment, they have a right to renew a lease agreement indefinitely. A lot of brownstones, townhouses with more than 4 units and older tenement/elevator buildings in NYC fall into this category. These types of building are owned and operated by small to medium size landlords/management companies.

Why choose
Urbane Brokerage? What sets it apart from all the others?

Prospective renters seek out Urbane Brokerage Realty's service for a few reasons. The most imprtant reason most customers and clients seek Urbane Brokerage services is due to the fact that they have established themselves as industry leaders. They represent a large number of units throughout NYC. Therefore when a customer is working with Urbane, they understand that they are working with a broker who is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and above all else honest! Urbanes relationships throughout the industry allows for both teh client and customer to have the moset efficient process imaginable. 

What does 'No Fee' mean?
A no fee apartment simply means that if a broker is involved with a transaction the landlord is paying the commission.

Is having a pet a problem?

Having a dog narrows the selection of properties down to 15% of what is currently available on the market. Cats tend not to be as much of a problem. Clients tell your broker about pets to save time and money.

Besides rent stabilized buildings, what other types of apartment buildings are there in NYC?

There are rental buildings, co-ops, and condo buildings. Each building can be a walk up, elevator, or full service. These are not exclusive to the type of building. They are amenities that you can find in any type of building. 

Rental buildings: These buildings are owned by a single entity. They have very low fees associated with leasing the units and relativley simply approval process that can be accomplished with 24 -72 hours. 

Condo Buidlings: These units are individually owned units. The process requires the owner, and then the management. The process can take a bit longer than a rental building due to this fact. The indivdual units tend to have a higher caliber finish. The up front cost is typically higher due to the management companies added fees for move in and processing. 

Coops: A coopeartive is a corporation that issues a proprietarty lease with the owner of their shares. The approval process is lengthy and expensive. Typical approval time is 6 weeks. This is due to the fact that you will have to be approved by the owner, the application will then be processed by the management, and if you meet the requirements you will be interviewed by the board. Once the interview is complete and you have met their standards satisfactorily you will receive an approval. The up front cost is typically higher due to the fact that Coops have many added fees in order to move in.